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The heart is a powerful symbol. We are trying to capture its metaphorical meanings and allow you to express various emotions stored in you. The heart can help you to capture a moment in time or signify feelings towards your loved ones.

Black Secret Heart Price: 98 Euro
We thought this Secret Heart is perfect to conceal and keep your deepest thoughts and emotions, even when they are very dark.

Secret Heart is an emotional design. It is the place where you can place and store your emotions, feelings, or memories. It can be used as a letter in a bottle, where a message can be sealed for later to be delivered.

Secret Heart is like a piggy bank - you can place your dreams or emotions in it, and store the wishes or messages for loved ones. You can lock them away, treating Secret Heart as a magical object for the wishes to come true, to remember some event, or to keep something hidden away in a safe place.

Secret Heart serves the duty of a secret keeper, emotions-storage, and as a metaphorical object of love.

You cannot open it. To retrieve the messages put on paper inside, you need to break it.

Secret Heart is made from porcelain and glazed inside. Natural cork may differ from the one in the pictures. The approximate dimensions are 14cm x 8cm x 7cm.

Secret Hearts is the size of the actual anatomical human heart.

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