Real Hearts

The heart is a powerful symbol. We are trying to capture its metaphorical meanings and allow you to express various emotions stored in you. The heart can help you to capture a moment in time or signify feelings towards your loved ones.

There is a need for objects that can aid you with expressing your emotions. To try in a metaphorical way to embody the very intricate body of meanings you might want to communicate to the other person or store for yourself. We know how difficult that is in the first place, and how banal and worn the popular heart symbol is.

That is why we refer to the very organ of our bodies upon which many sayings and metaphors were built. The heart is a universal symbol that conveys a whole plethora of meaning and signification. The anatomical, more brutal, and fleshy shape better fits the purpose of expressing emotions. Sometimes putting words together doesn’t come so easy. The popular heart-shaped objects often seem tacky and hackneyed, not doing justice to the feelings we want to express.

We aim not only to help signify emotions to people we love but also seek a more intimate relationship with our Hearts. We also want to give a chance to people to be able to work with their emotions, to put them in the “memory keeper” or even a kind of “trauma holder”.

We want to carry the power of emotions and explore their possible manifestations in physical objects. We know each object we are proposing can be interpreted and used in various ways. We want to explore meanings and allow our audience to express themselves to themselves or others.

Real Hearts will be further exploring the motive of anatomical hearts, building rituals around them, exploring materials and gestures, and building a library of emotions.

Real Hearts 2024